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      We use the best leather that we can buy for the shapes and styles of our bags.  

      Our bag straps and more structured handbags are made from vegetable tanned leather which produces a beautiful and amazingly strong and supple leather.  Veg tan uses natural materials (tree bark, roots, leaves and plants) in the tanning process and is one of the oldest methods of tanning.  It can take a long time to tan leather in this way (far longer than methods using chemicals). 


      We also use aniline-dyed leathers which haven't been given a pigmented finish (the plastic coated look of some leathers that you see on the High Street).  Analine-dyed leather shows colour variation where the skin has taken up more dye and in addition will show any natural markings from the animal hide - eg branding marks, scars, barbed-wire scratches and as such can give an idea of the animal's story.  

      Where more pigmented leathers are used, we source soft tumbled hides from Italy which show as much natural characteristic and grain as well as pigment.