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      Marks and scratches are an everyday part of life for a handbag and will simply add to the character of your purse.  However, if you prefer your bag to keep its 'just out of the box' look, then follow these steps.

      • When storing or hanging your bag up, keep away from direct sunlight.  This can cause fading or colour changes especially with vegetable-tanned leather. 
      • If your bag gets wet, stuff it with paper and leave to dry away from direct heat (ie. not on top of a radiator as direct heat can cause leather to dry out and crack).
      • For constant use, apply a leather conditioner with a soft cloth every 3-6 months.  Leather conditioners can be bought from shoe menders or from the internet.  Please test on an out of sight area before you go for it on the whole bag. 
      • We're sure you'll want to keep your crossbody bag in use the whole time, but if for any reason you decide to put it away for a season, undo the strap so it's in two pieces. This way, the metal buckle won't mark the strap leather. 

      Foil leather  

      The metallic sheen on foil leather will gradually wear - especially if it rubs against something (eg a belt buckle, a coat button) repeatedly. To help avoid this, spraying with leather protector every couple of months will help to retain the shine.

      Waxed canvas

      Do: Clean with a stiff brush when the bag is dry.  

      Do: use a damp cloth to remove dirt and allow to air dry.

      Don't: use hot water or detergents as this will affect the waxed coating on the fabric.  

      Don't: put it in the washing machine or dry clean. 

      If there are too many crease marks for your liking, use a hairdryer (on warm setting, NOT hot) held a few feet away from the bag to remove the whitish crease lines.