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      Do you make the bags yourself?  The answer is yes.  We make all bags that we sell.  Occasionally we will have help with components such as strap-making or cutting out, but we stitch every bag that is shipped out.

      Do you have a shop?  We occasional sell from bricks and mortar shops and these will be on our Stockists page. 

      I love your bags but I want a different colour.  Can you do that?  We only use leathers that are the right quality for our bags - but if you're wanting a particular shade of leather, then feel free to get in touch and ask if it's a possibility. 

      Can I get a strap that is shorter or longer? Yes - you can.   The best way of working out what length strap you like is to measure one that you already have that is comfortable and let us know.

      Do you do wholesale? Occasionally yes.  If you're interested in making a wholesale order please get in touch via the Contact page. 

      Can I change the design? If you want a slightly different size or shape to the bags that we have in the shop, then you're welcome to get in touch and ask.  If our waiting list isn't too long, then we're happy to take on custom orders - for you, this gets you the bag you want and for us - it can sometimes lead to different shapes and ideas.  Please be aware that custom orders will incur an extra cost due to the extra time they take.

      I've seen a bag I like in another shop - can you copy it for me? I'm afraid not, no.

      How do I care for my bag? Please look at our Handbag Care page.

      I've used my bag, but I've decided it's not right.  Can I return it?  We're sorry, but we can only accept returns on bags in unused condition.